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23 May 2015 @ 04:17 pm
[Translation] Hikaru & Yuto's Combi Laboratory  
The unstopable love-dovey conversation between these two.

Yesterday, we talked about Mr BIG (an american rock band formed in 1988)

Yuto: Unexpectedly, they were times we're often being mistaken as each other? On concert rehearsal, when i said 'nakajima is here' as i raised my hands, it was hikaru-kun who they shot.

Hikaru: Right, right. On the other hand, even though actually it was my part to sing, it was yuto who came up on the screen, right? Maybe we gave the similar impression? But if we are about to say our real similarity and commont points, it comes down to the fact that we both love band, i think? We even just listened this guitarist' solo like maniacs yesterday.

Yuto: We both are like, 'it was so cool' (laughs). And because we know best about each other's music taste, when we found some music that we think the other might like, we'll tell each other.

Hikaru: Then i'll be like, 'okay i'll listen to the bass' part while yuto the drum's'.

I secretly check that side of hikaru-kun

Hikaru: And, if we have to talk about our differences, i'd say that i envy the way you are so into camera and knows it well. It looks so fun that makes me want to try it too.

Yuto: Since you talked about it, hikaru-kun's photos i took with my camera were so great. As i watched the slight show of the pictures preview i've took at home, i went 'these were so great' and felt like i've been blessed to be able to collect my own treasures. (me: HDU NAKAJIMA YUTO. YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT ;A; my yutohika kokoro can't take it ;;___;;)

Hikaru: Stop it, it's embarassing. (laughs)

Yuto: Also, hikaru-kun's always able to put on a stoic / cool act about everything, i really think it's cool and i envy that part of you.

Hikaru: Wow, he sounds like a very cool person when you said it.

Yuto: And i really like the healthy-maniac side of you as well (laughs).

the decision of combi's name

Hikaru: Suddenly we both wanted to go to hatsushima (in shizuoka perfecture). and we were like 'let's eat the (i can't figure out the kanji, i'm really sorry. it was a name of place in japan i think) shrimp set meal. so we decided to take the 八 kanji from 八乙女 -read as hachi alone- and 島 kanji from 中島 -read as shima alone- and that made our combi name as 八島 (hachishima). (me: boys are being lovably silly and dorky, i can't ;A;)

Yuto: Then let's go to hatsushima as 'hachishima' and eat roast toro-salmon together! (me: another date, i see 8-D)

a short one, but so precious nevertheless ;A;

p.s: english isn't my native language, so you might find grammatical errors (corrections are very much welcome <3) also, i have no idea which magazine issue exactly this crosstalk came come, i just know it was a recent one, so if any of you know do inform me? :)

p.p.s: don't you all love those fuzzy fluffy warm feelings yutohika (i mean hachishima) combi gave you through their crosstalk? ;A;

 !! I know my translation is faaaar from perfect, but still I put some thought and effort and time to do this, so kindly not stealing this, please?
amivieamivie on May 25th, 2015 07:12 am (UTC)
thank you so much!!