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04 February 2014 @ 08:37 am
[Fanfic] It's My Turn (to Get Jealous)  
Title: It’s My Turn (to Get Jealous)
Author: me and my crazy imagination = blozzom_zone
Pairing YutoHika, implied YutoYama and YabuYama, best friend! HikaInoo
Rating: PG
Genre: Fluff, slight! Angst
Summary: Hikaru kept on avoiding Yuto as a result her being anxious of a certain band mate comment toward her boyfriend. (Alternatively continuation of this, but it can be read separatedly, really.)
Warning: Cross Gender (Hikaru is a girl here (and so are Yamada and some other members of JUMP), I make it in that way since I’m more comfortable with that idea when I have to pair him or her in this case, with Yuto), un-beta, RARE OTP? Lol

“Hikaru-nee is seriously the luckiest person on earth nee…” Yamada chirped dreamily as she and the girls of JUMP, Hikaru, Inoo and Chinen monitored the final cut of the guys’ solo scene of their AinoArika PV.

Hikaru was taken aback with the comment Yamada has just made as she was being too focused on admiring her boyfriend’s gorgeousness on that shining red suits just now. Still she was curious for the reason behind the golden member’s statement just now as she let it out.

“Eh, why you suddenly said something like that?” Hikaru inquired carefully.

Dakara sa, Yuto-kun was being extremely gorgeous in our new PV. I wondered how many girls’ heart would break if they knew that actually Yuto-kun was dating you already…”

As Hikaru reminded silent, Chinen gave some respond in her behalf, “You included?” She asked her best friend playfully.

“Probably ne…” Yamada countered as she winked mischievously.

Something hit Hikaru hard as some old memories were being played in her mind forcibly. She clasped on the sofa -a bit too tightly for her best friend, Inoo to notice- to prevent her from trembling. Inoo finally decided to butt into the conversation as the two younger failed to notice how their small talks have obviously brought Hikaru’s mood down.

“You’d better watch out Yama-chan, I don’t think Yabu-kun would love to hear what you’ve said just now. You know how he could be such a jealous twit.” Inoo tried to say it lightly to enlighten the atmosphere.

Yamada stuck her tongue out to Inoo’s comment while Hikaru gave her a grateful smile when the guys entered the room noisily.

“Finally, it’s finished!” Daiki said tiredly but also happily at the same time. PV filming day was never been anyone’s favorite.

“How about all of us have a meal together after this? It’s been a while since last time we hang out together anyway…” Yabu suggested as he ruffled Yamada’s hair lovingly.

As the happy chirps of “Yay, it’s Yabu-kun’s treat then!” were echoed throughout the room which Yabu turned the idea down immediately, Yuto did notice a sulking figure that he knew best her mind wasn’t with them at the moment. Just right in time when Yuto approached her to ask if there was something wrong, she abruptly stood up, as if noticing Yuto’s presence and avoiding him, and spoke up.

“Sorry Yabu-kun, I think I’ll pass this time. But you guys go and have a good time, alright?” Hikaru stated unexcitedly and rushed towards the exit even before any of them could ask why.

Yuto did manage to grab a hold of her though.

“Wait, Hikaru-nee. Are you alright? Did you feel sick or something? Lemme take you ho-”

Hikaru never let him finished his sentences as she, not so slightly, shrugged his grip on her which made not only him but also the rest flinched as she rubbed of his offer.

“No, I don’t feel sick or anything. I just…don’t feel like going. So yeah, you go ahead Yuto. No need to take me home, I’ll be okay by myself, really.” Hikaru made some effort to, at least, make everything seems alright as she didn’t want to bring any drama to the group out of her own problem.

“But Hikaru-nee…” Yuto pleaded. Because obviously something was wrong when Hikaru refused him, her boyfriend, to take her home.

Hikaru sighed. “I’ll text you when I’m home, okay? Go have fun with the others.” She tried to convince him with a weak smile which didn’t even reach her eyes.

And with that, Hikaru left.


Yuto totally didn’t expect that one night when Hikaru refused his offer to take her home would only be the beginning of another Hikaru’s avoidance. Hikaru refused to be left on a room only with Yuto, so she would always make sure Inoo was there to accompany her. Hikaru has always declined to be escort by Yuto alone on her way home, which once again she has to drag Inoo along in result. Nevertheless Yuto was confused, he never had any idea what he has done wrong, but yet he never had the chance to ask it privately since Hikaru never let them to be left alone. So, when everything started to get on Yuto nerves, he could do nothing but desperately begged for JUMP, especially for Inoo, to give the two of them some time to be alone, which JUMP (Inoo at the most) willingly compiled.

“Keiko, let’s head ho—” Hikaru got silent as she realized Inoo was nowhere to be found, let alone any JUMP members, well except her boyfriend who obviously have set the things up.

“Inoo nee-chan has went home earlier, she asked me to tell you that she was sorry.” Yuto replied calmly.

“Traitor…” Hikaru murmured as she has turned her back on her boyfriend, clearly has no intention to allow anything went as Yuto has planned.

“Not so fast, Hikaru-nee.”

But Yuto, on the other hand, insisted to make everything went as he has planned. There was no way he would let this chance, which he and JUMP had arranged, slipped away just like that. His grip on Hikaru’s hands were gentle, though he made sure he put some strength so Hikaru wouldn’t find a way to flee just like the night when everything started went wrong.

“Let go of me, Nakajima Yuto.” Hikaru pleaded jadedly.

“Not before you tell me, what have I done wrong. Seriously Hikaru-nee, what has been happening to us? I’m sure everything was okay until that night of our pv filming day…” Yuto blurted out.

“Everything is okay Yuto, and you’ve done nothing wrong, really. So now, would you please let go of me?” Hikaru answered without have the guts to stare right into her boyfriend’s eyes.

“If everything was really okay, than why would you keep avoiding me for these past few days?”

“I’m not avoid—“

“Don’t you dare to tell me now that you weren’t avoiding me when you clearly were, even the whole agency noticed.” Yuto might has been exaggerated things, but it was just how desperate he was to have Hikaru, his most beloved one, kept avoiding him without he even knew the reason why. “Just tell me, what I did wrong so I can fix it to whatever is happening to us. Please Hikaru-nee, stop ignoring and avoiding me, it hurts…so much.” Yuto begged dreadfully as he tiredly laid his had on Hikaru’s shoulder.

If there was one thing Hikaru hated the most, than it was to see Yuto got hurt. She sighed heavily.

“But you seriously have done nothing wrong, Yuto. It was me actually who might have done something wrong.” Hikaru trembled upon her own answer.

To this unexpected reply Yuto lifted his head and gave his girlfriend a questioning look. “What do you mean, Hikaru-nee?”

“Actually, I got a confession to make…” Hikaru bit her bottom lips hard, a habit which Yuto noticed his girlfriend possessed whenever she was going to inform a bad news.

Seriously though, what kind of confession it was that would make his kind and caring Hikaru to keep avoiding him for the past few days. Could it be somehow…Hikaru has got a change of heart? That finally she realized she was getting tired of being Yuto’s side? How should Yuto react if those words did slip from Hikaru later? Because there was no single way Yuto could imagine a life to live on without Hikaru by his side, it just felt so…wrong.

So as Yuto was drowning on his on thought, listing an endless reasons that he would say to make Hikaru gave him a second chance –to make her stay-, the mention of his childhood best friend, Yamada, has successfully brought his soul back to earth.

“Excuse me, you thought Yama-chan what, Hikaru-nee?” Yuto couldn’t believe his own hearing, what did Hikaru-nee have say just now once again?

There was a moment of silent and anxiety before Hikaru retold the whole story behind her acts lately and summarized it with her thought.

“I think Yama-chan might have some feelings toward you…”

“What? How could that be even possible? I mean, you do know, we all know, she has Yabu-kun already.” Yuto shrugged it of lightly, too lightly for Hikaru’s liking, so when she was about to let out some disapproval, Yuto cut her and continued.

“And I got you already. So, even she well, does kind have some feeling towards me as you’ve said just now, it means nothing.”

“It does mean something when I know you ever got a crush on her long time ago…” Hikaru blurted it out even without she could rethink twice what she has said just now. As she realized herself how silly it sounded now, she could only let out a tired sigh and pouted.

When all what has been happening between them lately and a confession Hikaru has just made few moment ago got connected and knocked some sense into Yuto’s mind, he couldn’t help the wide grin that started to rise in his tiny face when a thrilling fact has just hit him hard. His girlfriend, that calm Hikaru-nee who always acts the mature one between them and is good at controlling (and hiding) her feeling, was jealous towards Yamada, his childhood best friend just like the way he did towards Hikaru-nee’s so called childhood best friend some time ago. As he couldn’t hide his excitement toward the new discovered thrilling fact he just simply blurted it out.

“Were you being jealous all this time Hikaru-nee? Is that what you were trying to tell me?” Yuto asked hopefully.

“I…I…” Hikaru stuttered, embarrassed being caught immature by his boyfriend.

To her surprised he only heard, “I took that as a yes, then,” came as Yuto’s answer before she could feel a pair of soft and warm lips covered her trembled ones abruptly and gently at the same time. Yuto slowly loosened his grip on Hikaru’s hands, as he thought he didn’t need that anymore, and put them on Hikaru’s waist instead to keep her steady and pull her closer at the same time. To that, Hikaru could do nothing but sighed in content as it seemed like her fear won’t happen anytime soon.

When Yuto finally pulled away, he made sure Hikaru was still inside his reach as he leant his forehead against her.

“Now, would you lemme clarify some things?” Yuto asked for some permission as he looked at her straight into the eyes and started to cup her face in his hands.

When Hikaru gave a little hesitant nod, Yuto took a deep breath before he started.

“First of all, as you might or maybe might not notice when you’ve clearly said yourself, I ever got a crush on her, ever got, in past tense. Plus, it was loooong time ago if I may add. Secondly, it was only a crush and I define crush whole lots differently from love if you ask me. Last and probably the most important thing of all, I, Nakajima Yuto, know that I’m madly in love with you, Yaotome Hikaru. And the fact that maybe my childhood crush might have some feeling towards me didn’t give any spark even to the slightest.”

Yuto finished his long speech in one breath. “Are my points taken?” He confirmed softly.

Hikaru’s face has turned into perfect red and Yuto gladly took that as yes. He then gently held his girlfriend slim figure between his arms as he added lovingly.

“As much as I’m fluttered to see you got jealous Hikaru-nee, I want you to know that it will always be you and only you.”

“Such a smooth talker…” Hikaru snorted playfully as finally able to gain her sense back. She was utterly happy nevertheless.

Yuto laughed sincerely, felt happy finally he got his Hikaru back. “And Yama-chan was wrong by the way, you aren’t the luckiest person on earth, I am.

Hikaru lifted her head to meat Yuto’s gaze, “Why so?” she asked dumbfound.

“To have you by my side, of course I’m the luckiest person on earth.” Yuto ended cheekily.

Hikaru rolled her eyes, “Definitely smooth talker…” She did let out a soft chuckle towards her boyfriend cheesiness though.

“Only for you…” Yuto stated seriously as tapped Hikaru’s soft locks affectionately.

Hikaru blushed, again. “Hai, hai. I got it already. Now let’s go home before it’s getting late Mr. Smooth Talker.”

Yuto snickered contentedly as he let his hands being dragged by the shorter figure to start having their way home, which happened to be with only the two of them again, after a long torturing while.

Then again, Hikaru's fear might never gonna happen.


p.s: writing this as a result of how gorgeous yuto was being in AinoArika PV, so I just throw the idea into a yutohika story, lol please forgive me m(_)m and comments and review would be very much welcomed <3
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alsyktalsykt on February 5th, 2014 03:04 am (UTC)
yay!!! you wrote another HikaYuto Fic!!! Yuto is such a smooth talker and I totally know what you mean!!! I haven't seen the full PV but the part where Yuto holds the flower and facing the camera is just so asdfghjkl!!! I couldn't stop staring, screaming and squealing literally!

Ok back here. XD Awww Hikaru-nee~ you are totally not mature when you are jealous ne~ especially when it comes to Yuto, and really, alot of girls are fainting because of him in the PV. Gaaahhh. But unless this is a YutoYama fic, Yuto will not betray you~~~ *gets whacked* hehe.

Thanks for writing this!!! You should write more! XD

Edited at 2014-02-05 03:05 am (UTC)
blozzom_zone: yutohika♥ #1blozzom_zone on February 5th, 2014 02:58 pm (UTC)
because no one ever tried to write about them and I'm so deprived of yutohika so I could do nothing but write them myself T_T and yay! you gave my failed attempt of yutohika story a try again! <3 really appreciate that :'D

tbh, i really enjoyed writing smooth talker yuto, moreover if it was toward hikaru, ooops :p ikr? even the preview have enought to make me melt <3 I even flailed over yuto more than hikaru himself ;~; he was just simply awesome like that <3 you should watch the full pv soon btw, because yuto <3333 and hikaru of course <33 (and the rest of jump haha)

even hikaru-nee lose her maturity when it came to her precious yuto ne ;) (and yuto was just simply being too gorgeous for his own good in the pv, really ;A;) haha of course I won't make yuto betray her lol even the closest plot i have in mind was only in which she thought he has betrayed her :p

and thank you so much for reading and commenting! i hope you enjoy reading as much as i wrote this! i think i would, i have lots of ideas for girl!hikaru with yuto, and they just simply won't go away, i just hope i could write them all down ;A; please do looking forward for that (them) ? :3 haha thanks again <3
naoramegaminaoramegami on February 10th, 2014 12:25 am (UTC)
hara-chaan.. I'd really enjoyed this fic than standing for my admirable yutohika.
you should write more ne..
though I've gotta guilty pleasure then.. >< tehee..xD

I'd love to see hikaru-nee childish act.
well~ I like yuto spoiled side, but when see hikaru-nee clinging on yuto is just making kyun~kyun~ part.. xD

really waiting for your another yutohika, I didn't mind if there will be an antagonist one, maybe keiko ka? or yabu-kun or maybe takaki (tbh I love takahika too - rare pairing? lol)

ok, ignore me. I just blabbering too much xD

once again thank for write this hara-chan♡
blozzom_zone: yutohika♥ #1blozzom_zone on February 10th, 2014 02:51 pm (UTC)
again, I'm sorry for your guilty pleasure xD

ikr? spoiled yuto was love <3 but then again jealous and clingy hikaru was just TOTAL WIN ;w; (and i'm glad i could make you went kyun-kyun to see clingy hika toward yuto <3)

lol I found myself liking Inoo a lot lately so I will always put him (or her) as Hika's best friend I guess XDD beside when it comes to yutohika, of course they should be yabuyama! XD maybe not the antagonist but just love rival? LOL (well, i'll put takaki into consideration too XD)

no, thank you for reading & leaving comment nao-chan! do look forward for more yutohika from me, ne :D (if there was going to be another, that's it :p)

Edited at 2014-02-10 02:52 pm (UTC)
RIEYOteppenoyume on February 12th, 2014 10:17 am (UTC)
ahh it has connected with the previous yutohika fic. now its hikaru-nee turn to get jealous.. how cute. she feels insecure with yama-chan's state lol

ive got a huge dokidoki yappari. now i think i kind of agree with hara-chan that this way is more comfortable. dont know why but i enjoyed it much even though im not a fans of genderswitch fic, but this one... hikaru as girl is totally different ♡ moreover she has a younger handsome bf like yuto darling ;)

and tbh yabuyama is kind of cute too XD im so nevermind with this crossed couple lol

btw hara-chan should make a multichapter about this sweet couple. im seriously a bit jealous *again* with their sweetness... the way yuto smooth talking to hika... i wanted that too! >< *ignore me lol*

then as always let me know if you post another fic. if hara-chan has a time please write a multichaps ;)

arigatou for this!!! ♡