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21 November 2013 @ 04:25 pm
[Fanfic] Nervous (Please, Support Me!)  
Title: Nervous [Please, Support Me!]
Author: me and my crazy imagination = blozzom_zone
Pairing YutoHika
Rating: PG
Genre: drabble, brothership
Summary: Eito wondered the reason behind Hikaru's appearance in their show along with Yuto, I'd gladly tell you why.
Warning: un-beta, bad summary, RARE OTP? lol


JUMP’s group activities have been slowed down for a while by now. Members have been more concentrated on their individual activities such as bangumi, dorama or variety show appearance.

As for Yuto, who happened to make an appearance on Kame’s newest dorama, has just finished shooting his part yesterday. So he just got this beautiful weekend to rest, luckily. He might use his spare time to teach Raiya improving his drum skill, probably.

That was until he got message from their manager, informing that they would have him ‘challenged’ Ohkura’s taiko skill in their latest episode of Kanjani’s Shiwake. The moment that message got registered in his mind, Yuto went bewildered, if not nervous.

Sure manager had also to tell him that he got a week to practice and prepare himself, because no matter what taiko and drums were simply different, though that’s not actually the one he worried about, actually. He was more aware of the fact that he gonna make an appearance in a senpai show, ALONE.

Sure he has made some appearances in variety show before-lots of time, to be honest- whether it was being alone or with the other JUMP members. But none have been in a senpai’s show, moreover being alone. And making appearance in senpai’s show has just simply given Yuto much more pressure, for that unexplainable reason. Not to be added the fact that he wasn’t, JUMP weren’t, that close to Kanjani8 in the very first place. It would be much easier if it was KAT-TUN’s show, he thought.

So, Yuto did the most impulsive thing he could ever do, he dialed up for someone’s number in particular, which happened to be in his top dial speed, whom he thought could help him, at the very least to reduce this unnecessary nervousness of his.

"Yo, what’s up, Yuto?" greeted a person in the other line, cheerfully.

"Hikaru-kun...Itseemedlikeigottachallageohkurakunforataikobattleinkanjanishow, dou shiyou?" Yuto whined childishly.

"You what? Sorry Yuto, could you please...talk slower? I only caught hikaru-kun and dou shiyou part. And I believe you kinda had a long line in between?"

Yuto sighed deeply before he retried to convey his words, "It seemed like I gotta challenge Ohkura-kun for a taiko battle in Kanjani show, dou shiyou?" And Yuto did not fail to keep his childish tone, which happened to be only when he was around Hikaru.

"Hooo, I got it now. Well, what’s with this ‘dou shiyou’ then? Taiko wasn’t that different with drums deshou? And you’ve played drums for your entire life, so nothing to worry about I th-..."

"That’s not it. I’m not worrying about the taiko that much, apparently. But….” Yuto stopped his own words, didn’t have the guts to continue. How if Hikaru-kun would think that he was such a coward by fussing about hey, I’m gonna make an appearance in a senpai show, ALONE.

Yuto sighed, he should have thought about that before he called Hikaru, really.

To Yuto surprised though, Hikaru did catch on what he was trying to say just now. And not even in slightest he detected a mocking or disgusted in the older boy’s used words and tones.

“Makes appearance in senpai show shouldn’t be any different, Yuto. Instead you could feel more at ease, I think?” Hikaru calmly encouraged his most beloved junior.

Yuto didn’t manage to give Hikaru a reply, as he was still busy drowning in his own deep sea of worries. So Hikaru continued,

“If this could make you feel any better, Nishikido-kun might not look like it, but he’s a really kind heart person you know, and I believe all Kanjani’s members are just the same, Beside, although we have never been that close to any Kanjani’s member or just Kanjani in general, they’re still our seniors. And it was just seniors’ duty to cheer on his kouhai, don’t you think?”

“Hmm…I guess you were right.” came Yuto halfhearted reply.

And once again, being the one who understands Yuto the most as he is, Hikaru just simply knew what his little brother needs the most right now, which wasn’t simply words of comfort.

“Do you want me to come with you, then? Well, I’m not sure the agency would agree actually, since I obviously have nothing to do if I even came, but we might-“

“Yes, Hikaru-kun. YES, pleaseeeee. And I would beg to the agency if necessary, please just come with meeeee…..” Yuto whined, again. Being to his childish self back.

“Nah, don’t worry. I’ll do the talking with manager, you just focus on practicing taiko, okay?”

“Aye, aye captain! Hikaru-kun, you’re the best!!!”

“I knew that already, actually. Though, you might want to save that for later, when I’ve got permission to accompany you, you know.”

“Then I’d gladly say it again later, niichan.”

“You’d better do that. Oh and Yuto, make sure you practice hard okay? Don’t embarrass me in front of our senpai-tachi, later.” Hikaru warned playfully which Yuto laughed that off.

Yuto lose to Ohkura, unfortunately. But Hikaru never did ask for him to win, right? And nothing has ever made Hikaru so proud rather that Yuto’s figure who gave out his best that night, so it didn’t really matter.


p.s: wrote this as result I kept replaying yutohika’s cut on Shiwake *___* and i know this wasn't my best, but i tried ;;

p.p.s: if you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet, GO WATCH IT! It’s worth it, really (especially if you love yutohika like I do ;~;) do not want to give any spoiler, so lemme just say one last line,

yutohika were being the close kyoudai as they always have been. precious.”

oh and last! enlighten me with your comments, please? ;)

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alsyktalsykt on November 22nd, 2013 07:12 am (UTC)
Yay!!!! Another HikaYuto fic!!! I saw those gifs but I have no idea where to watch them!! Link me please!! And I like how you added KAT-TUN in as well!! But just something curious, Jump really isn't close to K8?

Thanks for writing this!!!
baby, baby, baby, BABE!: Yuto-samaryokawa619 on November 22nd, 2013 12:48 pm (UTC)
endlessjump@lj is always convenient and a yuto-fanpage in fb have it too. :)
blozzom_zone: yutohika♥ #1blozzom_zone on November 23rd, 2013 09:22 am (UTC)
because this world needs more yutohika as much as the combi itself needs more love ;o;

have you watched it by now? :c) since ryokawa-san has kindly gave you the link on my behalf :) thank you, ryokawa-san ♥

well, I just have to! yutohika were after all, kame's otouto xD it's not like they (JUMP-Kanjani) were in bad term or anything like that. just, i've never heard that any jump member was close to any kanjani member, i think? i mean like how close yutohika towards kame xD

no, thank you for reading and commenting! it meant a lot, really :3
baby, baby, baby, BABE!: neck fetishryokawa619 on November 22nd, 2013 12:49 pm (UTC)
ah... for some reason, i really, really love the YutoHika interactions. all the brotherly feels... :D
alsyktalsykt on November 23rd, 2013 12:38 am (UTC)
I know! Me too! After KameYuto which is out of hsj though... But within hsj I totally love the brotherly love of HikaYuto. Too there wasn't much interaction during the dvd except for a tiny part. Lols.
blozzom_zone: yutohika♥ #1blozzom_zone on November 23rd, 2013 09:27 am (UTC)
sadly, I haven't got the chance to watch the dvd yet /cries.

you should watch yutohika on Shiwake, then! there you will get yutohika-brotherly-feels, like...lots ♥
blozzom_zone: yutohika♥ #2blozzom_zone on November 23rd, 2013 09:24 am (UTC)
glad you love it! ;o; because brother yutohika really is precious ♥ (and more people need to realize that! ><)

thank you for reading and commenting! really appreciate that! ♥
alsyktalsykt on November 23rd, 2013 10:25 am (UTC)
LOLS I just realized something, I got confused with you and ryokawa619 for a moment until i use a computer to look at the comments. XDDDD

Yup yup, I manage to find the FB page from her instructions and I couldn't stop replaying it. Yuto was so kakkoii and he was all confident then depress then confident again and Hika was really just there to accompany him! So sweet!!!

Soudayo ne, KameHikaYuto the 3 of them were quite close then, I wish they could have some interaction again now. In fact Kame is also interested in Camera, I wish the photography cross-talk would have been KameYuto instead. >.<

You should really go watch the DVD! and write more of HikaYuto! haha somehow I totally fine with just bromance between them.

and so sorry for my long rambles. XD